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How It Works...

1. Subscribe to Our Service

The first step is easy. Simply hit subscribe and enter your details. Sign ups for the the following month's crate close on the last day of each month.

Subscribe Today! It's Just That Easy!

2. We Select Your Care Package

We will carefully choose a selection of treats to put in your crate, *from.... to...* You'll have your favourites plus many added surprises each month for you to try!

3. We Dispatch as Quickly as Possible!

Crates are shipped out around the 14th of every month to be delivered with you in 3-5 working days. For busier periods (for example Christmas) please allow a further 10 working days.

4. Wait (if you can) for Your Next One!

Some line about enjoying it and letting us know etc.

5. Enjoy Your Care Package

This is the best bit! You get to enjoy your crate! Filled with all American goodies, you can eat them, share them out, save them, whatever you like - it’s your crate!

6. You Receive Your Care Package

Getting awesome stuff in the post is a great feeling, right? Once you receive your package, you are free to do with it as you please. We don't suggest eating it all at once though.

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